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***Outreaches @ the Wind Chase Village Apartments (2400 Buffalo Gap Rd, 79605)

 ***Community Gatherings:

6th Grade- Kimberly Wruble’s Home (3950 Georgetown Dr, 79602) **water games

7th Grade-The Butler’s Home (317 Miller Lane, 79602) **pool

8th Grade- (7/17) The Porter’s Home (1102 Oldham Ln, 79602) **pool; (7/24) The Einkauf’s Home (2038 Brookhollow Dr, 79605) **pool

9th/10th Grade- The Wylie’s Home (150 Cherry Blossom, 79602) **pool

11th/12th Grade- (7/17) The Tuegel’s Home (450 Avenida de Leon, 79602) **pool; (7/24) The Steadman’s Home (682 Pollard Rd, 79602) **pool

Pool Guidelines:

**Bring towel & sunscreen

Girls: Bathing suit needs to be a tankini or one piece. If all you have is a 2 piece, please wear a dark t-shirt over it!