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BSM South is a community of students in and around Abilene, TX. 

Our mission is simple – To live, love, and look like Jesus.

Each Wednesday Night we aim to create a space for students to worship God together, engage in a weekly teaching, and spend time together in Life Groups.

Beyond Wednesday Nights, our heart is to see students develop a growing passion for Jesus and loving other people outside of our church walls, in their homes, and in their community throughout their everyday lives.

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Love lies



BSM South Series- LOVE LIES

February 5, 2019

Dear BSM Family,
We are starting a series called “Love Lies” February 6th at BSM South. During this series we will uncover some of the lies the devil has spoken regarding love and relationships. We will look at God’s word and talk about how He intended for us to invest in relationships and handle the subject of love. This five week series will focus on each of these directions:

1. Love vs. Lust
2. How to deal with loneliness
3. How to heal from heartbreak
4. How to navigate offense
5. Q/A panel (Nathan and Ashley Healy; Faith Brodie and her fiancé Grey Hoff) answering questions about dating/love that students text in
We want to partner with you in this series. Feel free to tune into our messages on Facebook live (The High School Page is “BeltwayHS” and the Middle School Page is “BeltwayMS”) and ask your students follow up questions at home to engage with them more on this topic. If you would like to join us in prayer during this series that God would reveal Himself clearly to your student(s), and the other BSM students, that would be appreciated! Let us know if you have any questions by emailing or
God Bless,
Nathan Healy and Faith Brodie

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