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BSM South is a community of students in and around Abilene, TX. 

Our mission is simple – To live, love, and look like Jesus.

Each Wednesday Night we aim to create a space for students to worship God together, engage in a weekly teaching, and spend time together in Life Groups.

Beyond Wednesday Nights, our heart is to see students develop a growing passion for Jesus and loving other people outside of our church walls, in their homes, and in their community throughout their everyday lives.

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Can I Worship Beyond the Music?- Mallory Gilley

April 4, 2019

So.. why do we sing songs every week at church again?

Here’s what I know a lot of people would define worship as: a time when everyone gathers together to sing songs before or after a pastor gives a sermon. This is the common thought when worship is mentioned, but I have learned that worship is so much more than a song.

Here’s my definition of worship: acknowledging God’s presence by expressing great love, high respect, and deep gratitude towards Him. I’ve learned that this is the truest way to describe in easy terms what God desires to receive from us. He didn’t appear to Moses as a burning bush and ask him to sing a song for Him. No! God asked Moses to take off his sandals. Why did God ask Moses to take off his sandals? Seems weird, right? He asked him to take them off because He wanted Moses to acknowledge with his physical body that He was standing before the presence of God Himself. How was taking off his shoes going to signify that he was honoring God’s presence?

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